Mulhouse à l’Entrepot du 28 au 31 Décembre
Lyon au Complexe du rire du 22 Janvier au 15 Février
Valence au théâtre du Rhône le 26 Janvier
Marseille à la comédie des Suds les 3 et 4 Avril
La Rochelle à la comédie La Rochelle les 10,11 et 12 Avril
Toulon et Six fours les 18 et 19 Avril à l’omega live et au théâtre Daudet
Rouen au théâtre de l’Ouest du 22 au 26 Avril
Vinay le 27 Juin



After three years in jail, the two magician brothers are back on stage and they’ll try not to hurt anyone …

In the kindly sadistic and nastily funny world of Zack and Stan, if you resist the urge to cover your eyes, you can enjoy mice-cocktails, teleport yourself on a desert island where Claude François and Elvis Presley live, play Russian roulette with firecrackers as big as sticks of dynamite, meet a big bad wolf womanizer, read the minds…and the credit cards, and cure once and for all a wry-neck with methods still unknown from the American Medical Association.

Following their attention-grabbing appearances on TV, the two siblings are back with a new and adrenaline-packed show. Grand illusions, mentalism, voodoo, Zack and Tans bring their spectators in an incredible and interactive show and provide performances! With them, Magic is always impressive, full of humor and transgressive.

Will they succeed in avoiding a new stay in prison? You’ll have an answer in a show that can be enjoyed like a story in which you could have a role to play: the one of the willing victim…


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